About US

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We would like to welcome all new members and visitors with Love, with Open Arms, with Grace and Compassion..

We deeply honor your Spirituality. We have lightworkers and many views and team aspects and being here–  here that means LOVE WORKER!

We are all on different journeys and unique paths for self honor and truth but what we can all vibrate to and connect with.. Is truly Love.. We can stand together and raise the vibration of this planet with the most delicious sustenance and elixir, like Nature.. It is Love .. Nature doesn’t speak to us in words.. But you feel the love, the rejuvenating energy.. No matter how hard someone’s day is, how they have struggled, the load they carry.. We like to smother it with sweet Grace and yes.. Compassionate love.. This is a super tender Team with a BIG voice who offers gentle support.. And respect..

Our Shoulders are BIG

The beautiful Team here cherish being here on Earth with you, we honor your involvement and we stand with you in the light of love.. Who cares about fear when in the warmest embrace of our most sacred and holy core within us.. And others.. That is the mission of this group while we hold light, while we go through massive shifts . While we feel the world.. See everyone with the eyes of your Soul and you will see theirs, it is always there no matter the layers life piles on.

As our World holds more light,  as we move into a more Ascended Oneness, we feel the world for we have the power in our hearts to change it.. And want to create peace..

Love and balance starts within yourself, your home, in relationships and your inner circles.. When you find that balance.. Oh giving your love to others becomes so much easier.. When you love you.. You can gift this to the entire world.. It radiates from within and can be felt by others.. And there are so MANY we have met in this journey from social media to website and our expansion .. Who radiate love.. and they just want to brighten your day.. Thus people are drawn to that love and this is your light.. And it is cherished.. When Energy Healthy and honoring of self is built upon.. Your not always depleted, hurt, arguing.. and then when you have that.. When you feel joyful, you share it, you spread it, you extend that loving gracious hand.. As Empaths many are struggling and that is okay.. Find that sweet spot, find those balanced relationships of caring and understanding.. as your support system, something we offer here the best we can and then share it with others..

We welcome you each here to this beautiful Sacred Place where maybe a piece of our journey can assist YOURS. A desire is there for renewable places, safer and trusting environments, a sweet and tender energy and more harmony is desired by many today and that in itself creates more love on our planet..

We are A place of acceptance with the beauty of Spiritual Gifts and Energy Integrations.  We are all experiencing the changes, we are all sharing the burden and we can uplift each other as much as possible. ..

We  hope you feel good while you are here… Let us be the Tsunami the world needs of Sacred Unconditional Love.. We all deserve and are worthy of Love.. It is the tie that binds our connection..

Thank YOU for all you do!! 

From the Team at Lightworker & Empath Support

May you be so blessed in your Footprints of Love, Peace and Light!

Feel Free To Save, Share and Enjoy and LES Picture!!