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Empath Super Power Tool

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I AM a cheerleader today, and I want to say some powerful words to you each!! I am proud of my tender heart; I AM in love with my tears that roll down my face for my soul is so sweet and gentle! Be Immersed in the love you feel, give in to your sensitivity, open the doors of your heart so wide that your light becomes the thunder of music and cleansing nourishment everywhere you go! I know things hurt, but we came to love this world so never be ashamed when you show your love of others, animals, trees, our stars and yes our beautiful Mother Earth!!! The tears you shed for our beautiful oneness is the cleansing rain so needed at times. You don’t need certificates to be a healer it’s in your LOVE! I send out love to all in need today and honor your precious tears.

empath super power tool

The Empath Super Power Tool is the feelers you have out in the world, it is the magical intuition of trusting the frequencies, and it is in your power to shift energy all the time with your love. It does help as an Empath who walks in their divine intelligent light, to honor all you feel and to love it. So many empaths struggle with the energy of what others put out but if you can practice loving what you feel no matter what it is, how bad or how low, you are shifting the energy. You are placing love and peace frequency into all that energy. Energy is variable and constantly shifting and changing. To see how easy this happens and if you need to trust your love and peace vibe, please look into the water molecule work that Dr. Emoto did in his vast experiments. One word changed molecules and the shape of water, and all this is on youtube to see. Know who you are, what you do and how your light and love does shift energy. Trust your highest calling dear ones; you are beautiful.

I love you


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