Lightworker Creed

Lightworker Creed

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Who Am I You Ask

I have a calling, it is of a new consciousness, it is of a new energy here in our world today. I am a representative of the Light Body and Imminence of something we all share and that is Soul and Divinity. I am not opposed to any walk into peace and the divine, I am simply a new Era of the New Now Earth. I am unlimited in my conscious awareness. I believe in love and am a love worker. I am a voice for the light we all share! I am here to share my love with all. I am here to heal the past and the now into a higher plane of existence and I have a powerful mind consciousness and transcendent light that assists me in my merciful footprints! We are one is my perception. It is the new WE AM and we are connected. I love my brothers and sisters of humanity and I cherish their walk and honor their history. I honor the beauty of all we are in the light we are created from and walk with. My goal is to assist in bringing a peace and love to our planet in vast ways.



lightworker creed


I am a GLOBAL CHEERLEADER for the Lightworkers Unified Movement of Consciousness for true peace. Lightworker is not a doctrine, it is not rule based, it is an honoring of the love and light of God in all humanity and life.. It is not segregated by race, culture, religion or nation.. Or individual perception.. It is a concept of shining a compassionate light from within of grace, love, kindness, and balance.. For the healing of Humanity, our Spirit and Mother Earth.. As the ONE with source we are all connected to..


Blessings and love to each of you,


Tonya Danita Walker-Taylor MQN, ML

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