Those That Oppose You

What do you do when you have others who oppose you?

Is it beliefs, a personal grudge, an experience that wasn’t perfect?

What does it truly matter, when you embrace all the goodness, effort and love that anyone across our

planet shares, honor it. Our love will move the mountains. Don’t expect to be someone’s idea of perfect.

Be your own perfect, be your own journey. If we lived by the opinions’ of others it would truly be a life in a

closet situation and how do you expand your own wings in these new times if you worry over beliefs and

segregative issues.

Be your own light, follow your own heart. Trust when you walk in the light of your goodness and peace.

Trust the harmonic tones you exude and the sunshine that blasts from your very chest in green powerful auric fields

and today our Heart Field is full of diamond energy.

See the goodness in what humans are doing, praise their kindness, their efforts for in this, this is what we are empowering

with our vast conscious reach.

I have seen one after another get in the way of peoples calling and cause strife, issues and let opinions and expectation of

perfection pull you down. Why does anyone expect YOU to be their perfect? Be your own joy and love and just shine anyway.

IF people throw mud at you, thank them, love them anyway. Those who love you but themselves ultimately, won’t begrudge your efforts.

Have mercy on those who focus on hindrance rather than support. Only you give power to others to diminish your shine.

Don’t let it, move forward anyway, rise rise rise. Rise in what is true to you. So many talk of darkness

and so much fear in this world and be careful and watch for this and that, when you have sit in the highest state of enlightenment that

exists within yourself, that is the part of the divine creation we are, not only do you then see this in all others, you know that there is heaven on earth and it is

within us. It transcends dark and polarity and all

things that cause walls. Words can hardly express what it is we all have within, but bliss and transcendence is among it. Have faith that this part of you never

leaves, never hinders, never opposes but has the utmost honoring for you.

You know that our Holy Source is in all things

no matter how it is portrayed and perceived. There are moments you may feel you are not of this world but in this world, we are now bringing that essence

here and it is seen across the world.

Those who truly love themselves will respect you as much as they respect self.

Those who know with certainty the love of our Holy Creator that is in us all, won’t get in your way, begrudge you on your path, see you in any other light

for how can you not be changed when you see what lies in yourself? How can you not see this in all others?

WE are one and no matter what lies in our history and or what we did to one another, honor the beauty that humans did do.

Understand the times and praise all efforts of love and helping each other.


So many are adamant about anti- religion opinions but see religion in all of it’s good works. What does it matter if there was stumbles in the

history, praise the good it did. See every effort of goodness, service of other’s, loving others, providing a place of communion if you choose to.

When you walk in your divine love goggles that are within you, oh all the goodness can be seen and the other, aww just love it anyway. The whole world

was in a war not even a generation ago, look at us today. That is progress and it is beautiful to be here.

Rise in your love and share it. People have been wounded time after time and it is only in their own power to

accept your love and your freedom to be what it is you are. Every person grows at their own pace and when other’s oppose your

efforts, who cares, rise anyway, do your best, as long as you are at peace within your own self, hope that others’ find this for themselves.

It is a very kind gesture to want peace for all your brother’s and sisters for WE AM ONE!


Tonya Danita Walker

©coyright 2017